Very often a home inspection report will list some items as defective. Should this worry you? The answer to this question will mainly depend on what has been listed as faulty. Here are a few examples:

Although there may be a number of items listed as defective on the home inspection report, it doesn’t mean that they are all difficult to fix. For example, a home inspector may list a smoke detector down as faulty if it is not working properly, but it would be an easy, inexpensive thing to remedy. On the other hand, there may be other items such as mold, wood rot, and structural damage (to name but a few) on the list. In this case, the problem would be much greater and could cost a lot of money. If problems like this are found on a home buyers’ inspection, it may mean renegotiating the price or, worse still, backing out of the sale. Either way, doesn’t this highlight the importance of a home inspection?

Home inspectors are often licensed building contractors as well. So, does this mean you should have them do the inspection and then make the needed repairs? It is not always the best course of action. The accuracy of the home inspection may be called into question. It may appear that the inspector looked for extra issues or exaggerated them in order to generate more work. It is usually best to have separate contractors and home inspectors to work on your home.

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