Congratulations! You’ve just moved house and are no doubt trying to recover from the stress that comes with every move. You’re probably not thinking too much about a home maintenance routine yet, but it is never too early to start.

A good routine of home maintenance is very important, as any home inspector will tell you, why? Because dealing with a problem while it is still a small easy fix will help to ensure it does not become a huge costly problem later. Plus, as well as saving you money long-term, a good maintenance routine will ensure your new home runs as smoothly as possible.

Your routine of home maintenance should include tasks such as power washing, cleaning gutters, trimming trees and hedges, and paint touchups. While there are many more jobs you can add to this list, it should help to give you some idea.

Another thing you will want to do shortly after moving house, especially if it is to a new area, is to gather a list of trustworthy contractors in the area. You may need to call out a plumber or electrician in an emergency, so knowing who to call and being able to access their contact details quickly will be invaluable.

Finally, be sure to schedule your yearly home inspection, as this is another essential step towards good home maintenance.

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