This is a busy time of year for working in our yards. Clearing leaves and getting the home ready for winter requires is now a priority. One area that gathers a lot of debris is gutters, and to clear these out you will need a ladder. So, what is the right way to use a ladder so that you stay as safe as possible?

Before you climb a ladder, you must be certain that it has a secure footing. Bad accidents frequently occur because of ladders that do not have a proper footing. Even if you are not going up very high, you will still need to double-check that it is safe to climb.

Overconfidence on a ladder can be extremely dangerous. Be careful not to overreach or become too relaxed. It can be annoying to go up and down the ladder just to move it over a small amount, but it is worth taking that extra time to put safety first. You also need to be extra careful when approaching the lower rungs of the ladder as you can still be seriously injured if you fall.

It is never a good idea to position a ladder in a doorway but, if you have to do it, be sure to inform the household of where you will be and that they should not use the door you are blocking. If possible, it is best to lock the door so no one can use it.

Yes, safety should always be the number one priority when using a ladder so take that extra bit of time to use your ladder properly and do it safely.

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