I think most of us would agree that maggots are pretty disgusting. Have you ever come up to your garbage can only to find it covered in the little critters? In the warmer months, it is fairly common, since your garbage presents a perfect place for them to thrive.
From the time a fly lays its eggs, it can be as little as 24 hours until the maggots come swarming out, so it doesn’t take long before you have a lot of them, and a warm garbage can has the right climate and the smells and flavors that flies love so much. Making sure that your garbage can is closed tight will lower the risk of a fly making it in there to lay the eggs in the first place, but this isn’t a guarantee.
If you want to clean out a garbage can, using boiling water can help to kill the maggots, but that would require you to get all the garbage out of it first.

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