In our last post, we talked about a couple of simple ways to make sure your home is properly prepared for colder weather. In this post, we’d like to talk about a relatively simple upgrade that many families have implemented in their homes that has brought a lot of benefits – upgrading their thermostat.

The fact is that “old school” thermostats only did one thing – turn on and off the heating system. And ultimately, that’s what modern thermostats do too. However, there are a tremendous amount of bells and whistles that come with modern thermostats. Of course, what bells and whistles are available depends on the model of the thermostat, but here’s just one example. Many modern thermostats have features like WiFi connectivity, allowing the thermostat to connect to smart devices, which enable you to control the temperature of specific rooms with the power of your voice, or even while you’re far away from your home.

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