One of the most effective and vital ways to keep your household safe from a house fire is with a smoke detector. But is just one enough? How many smoke alarms should there be in your house? Let’s see:

When you are trying to determine the number of smoke alarms your house should have, think about the size of it. You will need to have at least one on every habitable floor of the home, plus one in the garage and basement. To take safety measures even further, you may also want to install one in every bedroom that is occupied.

A smoke alarm can only help to save lives if it is in good working order so you will need to give them a check regularly. Schedule some time every month to go around the house and check each smoke alarm to ensure that it is working properly and not in need of replacement batteries. If a smoke detector goes off every time you are cooking you may well be tempted to disconnect it, but this is a very bad idea as, more often than not, you will forget to reconnect it again.

Fire safety is extremely important, as we all know, so take the time to educate all in the household about what they should do in the event of a house fire. It may help to have a periodic fire drill, which will give you some idea of how well everyone reacts in this type of situation.

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