A very large percentage of people rent their apartment or home. Are you one of these people? If so, have you taken the appropriate steps to protect your home’s contents? Renters insurance is one important way to do this. Renters insurance protects you against the unexpected loss of your belongings. Plus, depending on the kind of insurance you get, it protects you against damage to your property or that of your neighbors, etc.

While it seems like an obvious choice, why do so many people still not have renter insurance? For some, it is because they think they are covered under the homeowner’s policy. However, this might not be true, and it is something you will want to check with the homeowner.

Another reason many do not obtain a renters insurance policy is that they believe it is too expensive and that their belongings are not very valuable. But it may be surprising to learn that renter’s insurance is actually very affordable, and when you calculate the cost of replacing all those belongings, it doesn’t take long to realize what a good idea it is.

If you are renting your home and still don’t have renters’ insurance, why not look into it? You will more than likely find a policy that is affordable, plus you will have peace of mind that you are covered in case of an unforeseen disaster.

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