When you go to pull your car into the garage, is there not enough room for you to fit the car in there? It is a common issue. It seems like storing things in your garage is better than using it for the car like it was meant for, but if you just take a little time to clear things up, you might be able to park there again.
The first thing to consider is whether or not you need to keep the things you have in there. We all have a little bit of a hoarder inside of us, and we might think that there is value in the things we have stored in the garage, but when you think about it, what was the reason you put them there in the first place? Probably because you didn’t have any need for it. So it might be time for a garage sale to get rid of some stuff that you haven’t used in years.
Next, you want to consider alternate storage locations. You can move things out of the garage and put them in places like your attic or basement. There is also the option of installing shelves and cabinets in the garage to make use of the space above your car.

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