Today we are going to discuss the topic of bed bugs. We know this is not a subject most people wish to think about, but the fact is that bed bugs are a real problem in many homes and apartments. What are some ways to detect bed bugs, and what can be done about them if you find them in your home?

Bed bugs are rust in color and have flat, oval bodies. You will not necessarily see a bed bug because they are so small, especially when they first hatch. However, you can notice signs of their presence. To start with, you may find itchy bumps on your skin from bed bug bites. The mattress and bedsheets may have small stains on them resulting from their body parts and fecal matter. You will often notice a musty smell in the room also. Bed bugs are also found in other areas of the home, not just bedding. They may also be hiding in clothing, soft furnishings, picture frames, books, etc.

How could bed bugs have entered your home? It is actually quite easy to bring bed bugs into your home. Because they are so tiny, it is easy for them to hitch a ride on a piece of luggage or another item, so if you have stayed at a hotel or other place that has them, they may have come home with you.

Although it is very startling to find bed bugs in your home, you must not panic. Otherwise, you may be tempted to use some ineffective method of pest control that will not get rid of them and only waste your time. Rather, you should contact a reputable pest control expert who has a lot of experience in bed bug removal.

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