Looking to spruce up the place on a budget. Give your home a quick facelift with little investment. Here are a few ideas to incorporate:

  • Buy a new welcome mat as a way to spruce up a home. A fresh coat of paint and flowers by the door also make a nice impression. The door should be freshly cleaned or freshly painted. 
  • Install a new handle/lock set on the front door. A new light over or adjacent to the front door and new contemporary street numbers near the front door are all great ways to add appeal without spending a lot.
  • To make your front door really pop, try a new color.
  • Add a stone walkway or path leading to the house, or define with plants or flowers.
  • Making a home appear large and full of beautiful light is one of the easiest ways to add appeal to a home. Give windows a thorough washing inside and out and also add sheers if you have heavy drapes.
  • Knob changes or a new faucet to help make an older kitchen look more up to date is always a great idea.
  • Pick up an epoxy floor kit, some wall paint if you have finished walls, and a sheet of pegboard to organize the garage. A little elbow grease can turn your garage into a space you will want to use or give you an extra edge if you are trying to sell?
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