Shrubbery around your home can be a very nice addition to a yard, and it doesn’t take a lot of gardening skills to keep a bush growing, but it is important that you spend the time needed to make sure that it is not going to cause any problems.
Now, you might wonder what type of issues you could have with shrubbery, and unfortunately, there are probably more than you can imagine. One problem is when bushes grow too close to a building. This could lead to water damage from the bushes pushing up against the building and allowing water to collect. It could also lead to insects traveling from the bush to your home. If they are of the wood-destroying kind, this would prove to be a serious problem.
If you are having your home inspected, bushes that are too close to your home will prevent the inspector to get a thorough view of the structure, and it could even prevent him from accessing some essential items on the home.

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