Do you like saving time? Most of us do. Unfortunately, sometimes it might be difficult since we don’t know exactly what to do to save time. In some cases, trying to take shortcuts could actually end up taking more time than doing it the right way from the start. When it comes to home inspections you can affect the time that an inspection will take by taking a few simple steps. This will make the whole process a lot less painful both for you and for the home inspector.

Preparation is key. For example, if you have any repairs that need to be done, taking care of them before the inspection will help greatly. Even something as simple as replacing a light bulb will save time since the inspector would need to check the light, the switch, the wiring and the light bulb itself. 

It’s also important to leave sufficient space around major appliances and other features of your home that the inspector needs to get to. If access is blocked, it’s going to take extra time for you to clear path so the inspector is able to reach these items.

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