If you live in an older house, then chances are you probably have plaster as a wall background. If you’re planning on renovating your walls though, there are a couple things you need to keep in mind when removing plaster off your walls.

Taking down any type of plaster from the walls will ALWAYS create a lot of dust in the room. So to begin, make sure that tarps are laid out on the floor to catch all of the falling plaster pieces and dust, and be sure that your doorways are tarped and your windows are open to allow fresh air to come in.

For your PPE – (Personal Protective Equipment), it is highly recommended that you wear safety glasses, gloves, and of course, a dust mask. Breathing in any dust from plaster can have a profound effect on your lungs in the long run. Also, when you take off big chunks of plaster right above you, without safety glasses, the chances of getting micro bits of plaster in your eyes increase, which can be especially irritating and harmful.

Also, take your time with the removal process. It isn’t a race to get it done, so the more time you take removing the plaster safely, the better off you’ll be. Slow and steady wins the race in plasters case. Removing the dirt and dust after the plaster is all off the walls, must be done carefully as well. Keeping all these things in mind will help you successfully renovate your room/s, and will help you to remain healthy before the project, and after as well.

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