How do you feel about wallpaper? There are differing opinions on homes with wallpaper on the walls. Some love it and others hate it. Regardless of how you feel, there is a possibility that you might find a home on the market that you are interested in that has wallpaper on the walls. If you dislike wallpaper, you might not be too concerned, since you can pull it down and paint the walls once the home is yours, but is that the only thing to keep in mind?

One problem with wallpaper is that it can hide trouble with the wall behind it. It could be that there are cracks or holes that have been covered up using wallpaper. It is also possible that there could be mold growing behind the wallpaper, which can prove quite difficult to deal with. When looking at a home with wallpaper, it’s important to feel the walls to see if there are areas that feel like there is nothing behind the wallpaper to support it. You might also detect areas that are cold or wet, which is a major concern. Using a moisture meter and testing the air for mold spores can give you some extra peace of mind.

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