Appliances that use water do come with a special risk. We’re talking about fridges with ice makers built-in, dish-washers, washing machines and similar. The water supply lines for these are prone to breaking, and since they aren’t as protected as your water supply lines for your sinks and toilets in the home, accidents do happen. In fact, one of the top reasons for water damage in homes is a busted water supply line for the washer. Since many are in the habit of leaving the water on for their washer at all times, even when they’re not using it, disaster is just one busted hose away.

It is easy when moving these appliances around to forget that they are connected to water, and if the hose or water line pulls off, you can quickly get a lot of water flooding your home.

Before moving any appliance that uses water, make sure that the shutoff valve is closed and that you are aware of the water supply line at all times.

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