Your gutters are essential for a healthy roof. They are meant to funnel the water away from your roof as quickly as possible, minimizing the chance of water intrusion in your home. When there is a heavy rainstorm, can you rely on your gutters to do their job? There are a few things that could impede water flow and lead to issues.

One obvious problem is when you have a buildup of leaves and debris in the gutter. This is a natural effect of water washing everything that is on the roof into the gutter, but that means you will need to keep them clean. If you have a lot of tree-branches over your roof, cutting these back will lessen your workload in cleaning the gutters.

It is also possible that some animal has built a nest inside of a downspout causing it to back up.

It is a good idea to test the functionality of your gutters before the storm, using a garden hose. You should be able to pick up on any issues at a time when you don’t have to get soaked to fix the problem.

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